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Childbirth and Child Survival: Morien's recommended Quick Fix

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5 minutes ago, SaxBasilisk said:

I'll also be ruling that half the children born are (handwaves) non-viable as knights, so we have similar dynamics in terms of succession as in the rules as written.

In our game, female knights are still exceptional. Most of the female nobles (NPCs) are not interested in becoming knights, and I would imagine that SIZ 8 & STR 8 persons, male or female, would get discouraged by their parents from a knightly career (boys steered towards a clerical career, etc). However, exceptional women (mainly PKs, but with some NPKs) have both the desire and the ability to become knights, and once they do, they are treated as (male) knights, being able to inherit and so forth.

Now granted, the inheritance can become a bit of an issue, if there are other siblings: brothers might feel that they are entitled to be before the sister, and sisters (and their husbands) might feel that they should be heiresses, if there are no brothers. But that is something I would discuss with the player: does she (or he) want to deal with such complications? If not, then the big brother might hear the call of the divine and become a clergyman, or he might die/go missing at some point. Younger brothers are probably already consigned to the idea of the big brother getting everything anyway, so it is not a big deal if it is the big sister instead, especially if there is an age gap between them. Younger sisters are very unlikely to marry before the big sister is already in squire training, so they and their future suitors know the score already. It is just a matter of working it out with the player. 

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