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Project update: The Children of Fear, mythos adventures in Central Asia and Northern India

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Our newest Call of Cthulhu campaign THE CHILDREN OF FEAR will be out as a 416 page hardback early next year, and available in PDF later this month! Here's a look at the gorgeous cover art by Caleb Cleveland:


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3 hours ago, Cheesy_Nacho said:

Will this utilse Secrets of Tibet?


Secrets of Tibet is not required for the campaign. Access to that book may broaden the information concerning Tibet for the Keeper, but is not essential. The campaign contains everything needed for running successfully. 

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1 hour ago, Tranquillitas Ordinis said:

I have just noticed the facebook post with maps for the campaign, and they are splendid!

Here's what that FB post said, and the images shared:

Our massive new Call of Cthulhu campaign THE CHILDREN OF FEAR will be out in PDF early next week; and in full-color hardcover early next year. As always, if you buy the PDF from Chaosium.com you get the full price of the PDF off the cost of the printed book when it is out.

Among the downloads you'll receive is a 44 page Handouts and Map Pack, featuring the superlative cartography of Vandel J. Arden, Matt Ryan, and Olivier Sanfilippo.





1 hour ago, Tranquillitas Ordinis said:

Will the handouts/ maps be printed separately, like in the physical version of Masks, or will they be only included inside the book?

The maps, handouts etc are included in the book, but can be downloaded for printing separately. 

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