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Focus Strike

Lloyd Dupont

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The Focus Strike martial stunt let the adventurer do more powerful strike at the cost of 1EF per might.

There is no limit defined.

After some thinking, and since this simulate putting all your body's weight behind one strike, I thought to limit it to 1 might per size class, i.e. 3 for human.

Though I am wondering about using twice as much instead, i.e. 6 for human.

Any comment?

Or maybe SIZE+MOVE (since, energy goes up by square of the speed hey ;) )


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It depends on what kind of game you are playing.

If you are playing a game where martial arts are just a normal extension of fighting, then limiting this makes some sense.

However, if you are playing a game where a martial artist can punch through a stone wall, then why have limits?

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I think this got lost at some point, but the general idea is that "real" Martial Arts do not allow more than one Might of each Stunt. Variable Might focus should be only for those settings with "magical" martial arts, like Dragon Lines or the Shade Land. 

The standard rule in the International Edition will be that multiple levels of Focus are allowed in certain contexts, but require the acquisition of multiple Stunts. The cost in slots should be enough to provide a reasonable cap.

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