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Cradle of Heroes - new feature: Random Hero Generation

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Hi folks,

I'd like to both announce and get feedback on a major new feature for the Cradle of Heroes: random characters based on the user selecting a homeland, occupation, cult and character scale or tier. You can access the feature from the "Create" tab.

This feature is brand new and still in testing, so I'd appreciate hearing about what works, what doesn't, what you like and what you'd like to see next. Weapon choices seem a bit too random, so I'll be looking at that.

I'm also looking for Glorantha-esque lists that I can use to automate descriptions. Names, appearances, deeds, anything like that would be fantastic.

Here is a fully random character (no touch ups): https://www.cradleofheroes.net/view_character/10069

Thanks in advance for any resources you can share.

Next up: auto adding weapons and armor to normal character generation and creating bands of random characters.






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Thanks so much to the folks who have tried out the random character creation. Through your help, I was able to track down a bug that was causing skills and some runes to persist between characters.

The bug is now fixed - which actually makes a bunch of other things work better as well.

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