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International Edition SRD Draft

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In the Action section, some sentences are repeated and some are cut.

It looks like you can do two actions in one round, but not more than one main action . You should explain it clearly somewhere (or did I miss it because fo these red corrections ?). I would rewrite the 1st paragraph (no "you'll usually do..." but simply clearly say what is feasible or not).

Target reaction : "the defender must declare the first defence before the attack is made." but in Mulriple Reactiosn "must declare that the character is defending against all attacks as soon as he or she rolls the first defence for that round" (that is after the attack roll).

Why did you give up the plain 1d6 damage ?

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Well I haven't read too carefully the original version, but this one seem clear enough! :) 

I wonder though... This new SRD seem to have the same polish and finish as in the book. However it has not side bullet (which is a plus I'd say). But one might find the long text a bit hard on the eyes.. why not do 2 columns of text per page like many other books do?
Just an idea... Which you might already have, not sure how to do 2 column with Word! ^_^

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