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Old Men Play Runequest EP15 - Borderlands part 6

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Old Men Play Runequest EP 15 Borderlands part 6

Please note this is an unmoderated group of real life friends and there are some adult themes and swearing.

Our epic heroes in training have to succeed in the Agimori great hunt ritual, proving that they are at least as good
as an 8 year old agimori child.

Before they hunt the beast using traditional ritualistic agimori weapons (giggle) they have a night of dancing, feasting
singing and ceremony , basically they are 1 disney princess short of a 3 year olds birthday party.

Once we get to the hunt , well you should know the GM by now .....

Please feel free to comment or join us in our facebook group

Find the podcast version where you get your favorite podcasts or

Youtube video is available at 

Free download of audio at internet archive

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@mellowgoth We are very glad your enjoying it mate , we very much just play and record , its not a scripted show. Originally it was even earls idea to do that not mine. We should be playing this friday as I had to GM a Fate game at Meeplecon 2  this week.

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