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Before I study the magic item creation into much more details, what would be the expected average power of "common magical items"?!

I am asking because... Still thinking how to emulate a D&D atmosphere with a D100 systems... currently thinking on how to handle energy projection...

I already reduced the energy damage to D4.. but still not quite happy... at 5D4 and above it's one shot... 5D4 being easy for starting sorcerers....

but then it hit me.. one wouldn't go (unless foolish) in battle naked, would they now?
I guess one should not fight wizard without heir trusty old protection amulet!

Hence the question, how good should this trusty old amulet could / should be?! ;) 


also I am curious what damage bonus or armour bonus the "average magical" sword / armour would have?!


Guess I might also introduce some more exotic item, like a bag of holding, since those dark elves are quite handy with magic....

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A bag of holding in a system which does not count the encumbrance of items... is it useful?

5d4 is an average of 12,5 damage. An average arrow from a self bow does 9,5 damage, up to 11 for a long bow. A greatsword does 12 on average if your Might is just +1, and you get to double the damage that gets through. It is certainly not a game breaker. 

As for magic items, there is an example in the book. A +2 sword requires a decent magician to craft, but it should not be that difficult to create. It is a dangerous item, but it will not kill a dragon on its own.

An "always on" Protection amulet could in this case provide +2 to armour. This would be rather D&Dish and not a game breaker, either. However, if you can make a reliable prediction about what sort of elemental attack you will face, then you can imbue the amulet with Absorb [Energy], and that will subtract dice, not points, of damage. Definitely more effective. And yes, this is something you will encounter quite often, as most elemental attacks are either fire or electricity, like in D&D, so you have a 50% chance of rendering them less effective.

As an example, the sample Martian character Prof. Rathas, which you find in the rules, had an Absorb Kinetic 4 / Absorb Radiation 4 protective item in the original campaign. The dwarf alchemist I am currently playing has Absorb Kinetic 4 / Absorb Fire 4 and once took a 7d6 fireball and remained standing. All this alchemical stuff is cheaper to make as it is one-use.

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BTW what kind of alchemical stuff are you using?

I guess it's not a potion...

Asking because one use item are nice, easy and repeatable rewards,! ^_^ so even more of an attractive idea! :)

And.. there is no alchemy section in the rule / SRD! :o 


It's no big a deal, could make it up, just asking what "name / item" you came up with that made good sense...

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22 minutes ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

I.e. while a healing potion seems quite the natural thing to do, a potion of teleport seems less so...

A potion of teleport allows you to teleport somewhere, that is quite useful.

A Disc of teleport allows someone who stands on the disc to be Teleported somewhere. Where have I heard that before?

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11 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

I guess, in that case though, a potion of resist damage could be a good common item.. but, by 1 use we mean 1 fight, not 1 attack.. I realise...

It shall follow the rules for powers, that is, it expires at the end of the next combat or conflict in adventure time. But this is the default rule, I don't see why you should not decide that a partiular object works only for one attack !

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