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Does Glorantha have a region similar to the following regions as found in Conan's Hyperborea?

Shem, Stygia, Kush, jungles, that sort of thing. I want to go for a sword and sorcery feel. 

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Stygia.... Fonrit, probably. Lots of slave-owning, tyrannical sorcerer-lords (or rune-casters, but whatever) in different city-states, with evil gods.

The islands around Teshnos can probably serve as an arena for swashbuckling, jungle-based sword-and-sorcery adventures. Though, again, Fonrit can probably achieve some of the same.

The Janube valley, while a lot colder, has the benefit of also being largely disorganized with a lot of different city states about. The same goes for Ralios (more temperate), which is famous of lots of secret societies, cults, skulduggery and high-stakes politicking mixed with magic conspiracies.

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