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Foundchild holy days


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1 hour ago, JohannesH said:

Does Foundchild have any other holy days that the two week of Great Hunt at the end of Storm Season?

Yes, kind of. That is through associated cults and these are: Odayla, Waha, Yinkin.


Associated Cults: With a successful Worship roll during an associated cult’s high or seasonal holy day, initiates get 1D6 Rune points restored, and God-talkers, Rune Priests, and Rune Lords get 1D6+1Rune points replenished. With a failure, no Rune points are restored.

Odaylas Holy days

Each season, the Windsday of Movement week is a seasonal holy day, as are the Windsdays of Sacred Time. The High Holy Days of the cult are the three weeks just prior to Sacred Time, when a Great Hunt is performed.

Wahas holy days

Waha’s High Holy Day starts on Godday of Death week in Dark Season, and ends late on Freezeday, Fertility week, Dark Season. Each Godday of Death week is a seasonal holy day.

And Yinkin makes three
Yinkin’s seasonal holy days are Wildday of Stasis week in Sea Season; Fireday of Harmony week, Fire Season; Wildday of Harmony week in Earth Season; Freezeday of Disorder week in Darkness Season; and Fireday of Movement week in Storm Season. The High Holy Days of the cult are the three weeks just prior to Sacred Time, when a Great Hunt is performed.

Even with overlap this is not bad, and remember while it is not Orlanth nor is it meant to me,. Foundchild is a minor god in comparison. Remember, RQ is not balanced (kinda like it’s player, no).

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When I ran the Great Hunt, the Hunters gather at a certain place in the Wilds, which might be a scenario in itself getting there, then there's a bit of posturing and posing, followed by someone telling them the rules of the Great Hunt and how it is scored, then everyone takes part in a ritual that starts the Great Hunt off. The hunters go off for several days and either try and land one big prize or multiple small ones, sometimes they focus on quality, sometime rarity and sometimes just plain dangerous.

What happens during the action phase of the Great Hunt? A lot of Knowledge (Home Region) rolls, Tracking Rolls, Stealth Rolls, missile/close combat rolls and some kind of strength roll to drag the animal back. maybe they meet other Hunters trying to foil them, or other participants on the Great Hunt, maybe they meet Spirits or Adversaries, maybe the weather closes in and traps them, or maybe they end up on a different Hunting HeroQuest.

The judges determine who gets the Prize at the end. They are the ones who decide whether a dozen white sables are as impressive as a single bear, for example. The Hunters give parts of their catch to the others and part to their tribes, while keeping some for themselves.

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It's mentioned in Griffin Mountain (classic) or Gloranthan Classics version:

Page 56


However, the mechanics of the Great Hunt are left up to the referee, as the hunt is an adventure in itself.

But details include:

  • It takes place in Earth season, no length is specified.
  • No Armour.
  • Different levels of success in the hunt exist for different cult levels. (eg Initiates can't capture or kill intelligent creatures, but rune lords can if they are destructive)

When I run it , I do it as a mini solo for each participant, but run simultaneously. There are lots of good models for doing it, but overall it runs much like the hunting rules in Pendragon and the chase rules for CoC7. The Griffin Mountain encounter tables for forest are pretty good for targets. There's no time limit as it only takes a week or so for the most skilled hunters to track down the coolest prey. Lay members might need a bit longer. I do use the treasure factor system as a guide. I've the TF for encounters noted on the page. Outsiders can participate if they fulfil lay member requirements. Many players usually just go for a single animal and as they aren't trying to be initiates. However it many gets more daring do as players vie to beat each other (which is why simultaneous play is important). Most go for Red Sable (extra money bonus for horns), but Norther Bison are also popular as they are the normal goal. However you need to kill them quickly as they are dangerous if wounded and you have no armour!

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