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Give me your ideas for Gloranthan Inktober!


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3 minutes ago, metcalph said:

The comment about the Wolf Pirates looting the coast is interesting.  Whereas would they be looting besides Corflu?  The nearest human settlement would be God Forgot which about 150 miles away.

There's at least one fishing community further up the coast (described in Greg's The Sea Cave). But that would offer pretty slim pickings too, unless the Wolf Pirates were seeking to capture slaves.

I suspect the reason why the Wolf Pirates demurred at Corflu is that they weighed up the meagre pickings they'd reap sacking the place against the consequences of unnecessarily antagonising the Lunars, who garrisoned the place as their territory.  Bigger fish to fry.

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Okay a bit pedestrian but how about a scene at the Tin Inn, eh? The butt ugly gent below playing up a storm on his fiddle whilst his manservant sans armour is playing snooker, chess or darts (your choice) with again, your choice of Inn denizens. Cheers!



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How about a Trickster using "Safe Drunk" to wander through a pitched battle, trying to seduce the axe maidens? 

Safe Drunk 

Cost: 3 MP 
Range: Personal 
Duration: Length of Inebriety 
This spell only works when the caster is totally drunk beyond any ability to act, think, or remember. It calls upon the raw power of Disorder to protect the caster from any harm or capture while in that state. A Safe Drunk may wander through an apocalyptic battle, stumbling under scythes, weaving through impenetrable arrow fire, falling under screaming death magics, avoiding and/or accidentally killing foes. It cannot be dispelled. There is one drawback. Safe Drunk does not keep the caster from waking up in an unknown lover's bed.


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One other possibility just struck me, if you wish a chuck jones style cartoony tin inn you could have quackjohn warming up his pipes, seeing as in his own not so humble opinion he sings opera wonderfully. I envision Pranble holding his ears in pain and dismay as he waits for the goddess of muse to take him. Shuffle the trollkin (just snuck in to steal a pie) trying to climb up the chimney in panicked flight, The thane drawing arms and calling for peace, order and good governance or some such hogwash, while a few poor souls jump out the windows. You know, subtle....

... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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I'd love to see more imagery of ghosts and spirits and gods, especially minor spirits, the sort of thing adventurers are likely to bump into and upset. What does the spirit of a mountain look like? Or the spirit of a meadow? Naiads/dryads/oreads, etc.

Off the top of my head I don't really have a starting reference to offer, but I recall really enjoying the landscape spirit art in Magic: The Gathering's Theros expansion (which I'm admittedly biased in favor of as a classicist).

Also a trollball figure or two sounds hilarious. Do we actually have any canon images anywhere of trollball? Poor little enlo...

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14 minutes ago, JanPospisil said:

I'd have to scan them, and I'm currently lazy to do that. Maybe when I have more than four?


And yeah, they're ink and white pencil drawings on smallish toned paper, not great for anything super detailed. (or colour obvs)

Eagerly awaiting!

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4 hours ago, Crel said:

Also a trollball figure or two sounds hilarious. Do we actually have any canon images anywhere of trollball? Poor little enlo...

Troll Pak has a scene with two or three muscular trolls chasing a frightened trollkin, elbowing one another to get at the critter. I made a team t-shirt out of that for Convulsion 1994.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I wrote a scenario for Red Cow clan (The Coming Storm) about an abandoned baby laden with positive omens. I had an illustration idea for it. The scenario begins when the characters find the baby abandoned on the stairs of Ernalda cult house or loom house (next to the Grave Hill) during a stormy night. The thing is that aggressive snakes have gathered to guard the basket where the baby is and try to fend off the characters. I can imagine that the cloth in the basket is decorated with runes. I would really like to see this kind of drawing and maybe use it when running the scenario in conventions.

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Suggestions for Gloranthan life pictures:

1.  Stormbulls and Yelmalions in tense Praxian stand-off over sense chaos allegations.  The Pavis Road.

2.  Hauling in the day's catch on the banks of the Zola Fel outside the walls of New Pavis.

3.  Students smoking hazia behind the Knowledge Temple dorms in Jonstown.

4. The selection process for food trollkin at Gobbleguts Thunderbreath's kitchens, Skyfall Lake.

5.  Lunar lady casting glamor as she prepares for the evening's festivities.

6.  Orphaned children starving to death under the walls of Boldhome during the long winter.

7.  House fire causes pig stampede in Trilus.  Balazaar.

8.  Lord Death on A Horse poses for an intimate home-life portrait with favorite horse and concubines/catemites.

9.  Town life when the Crimson Bat is nearby.  Redlands.

10.  Brontosaurus round-up time in Slon.

11.  Haragalan naval vessel battles Tsankth pirates off the coast of Hombobobom.

12.  The morning queue at Casino town's casino.

13.  A giant strolling through the Vale of Flowers looking for military units to eat.

14.  Just another case of Orlanthi on Orlanthi violence.  South Sartar.

15.  Not another Rooftop Duel?  Kingdom of Ignorance.

16.  A duck and a keet slave being awkward wallflowers at an orgy.  Rinlidi.

17.  Order of the Swallow catching Rokari militants flat footed as they attempt to cross a ford.

18.  Military Elephants of Afadjann city states in mortal combat during a battle outside of Sarroganda.

19.  Kresh wagon with busted wheel getting assistance while the caravan rolls on while nearby Aldryami contemplate attacking.

20.  3 Wagon pile-up on the Daughter's Road, south of Jillaro.  1 Dead, 4 injured, not counting animals.

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On 10/6/2019 at 12:48 AM, Tindalos said:

I'd like to suggest a Quinpolic League pirate warrior:

A member of the Seshnegi soldier caste who's turned to raiding mercenary ships, examining a piece of jewellery they've looted and are holding in their hand.

As a member of the soldier caste, they'd belong to a beast society, I'd suggest crocodile, with leather armour resembling this.

At their side they'd have a long, straight sword like a Chinese Jian and a wicker pelta shield on their back.

They could be either a man or woman, and if male they have a moustache but not a beard (if a particular style would be helpful, I'd imagine a horseshoe moustache.) In either case they're likely highly scarred and muscled.


I hope this is an okay collection of references!

I never did post these drawings, but I did draw your suggestion. 🙂 

(as well as the naked wolf pirate scene)

These were fun and I will probably make more. I also put them up for sale on my website: 



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On 10/6/2019 at 7:15 AM, JanPospisil said:

I want to keep drawing every day before bed time, and I thought I could do some Glorantha drawings.

Alas, after drawing one Orlanthi and a group of traveling trolls, my inspiration ran a bit dry. 

If you want, you can post ideas for one or two figures, or creatures. Ideally with explanations of the culture, even descriptions of gear they have.

These will be fairly simple ink drawings, I need to finish these under an hour, ideally under 30 minutes.

(1) Tovtari Elmal worshippers scrapping with Tusk Riders on the cliffs of Snakepipe Hollow.  (2) Wind Children trolling Wasp Riders in aerial maneuvers.

(3) Nochet City Night Patrol ST1626. (Rembrandt-ish),  (4) Cheese merchants protesting in Doblian. 

(5) Adventurers flee a monstrosity in the Clanking ruins.  (6) A quiet morning in Barbarian Town  (7) Smoking trollkin out of a hidden cellar near Clearwine 

(8) Zorak Zorani getting buzzed on Dwarf Meat in the Big Rubble.  (9) Laundry Day in Alkoth, aka scrubbing out the Blood stains

(10) Silver Peltasts cleaning the Guardian of Corflu  (11) Thunder Delta Slingers lining up to be eaten by the Crimson Bat aka Faithful to the Emperor.

(12)  Tsankth Pirates battle a Teshnan Elephant Galley  (13) Impala Riders bargain with Troll merchant for mushroom wine 

(14) Locals rush to the aid of an accused cobbler when an Uroxi fumbles Sense Chaos , somewhere in Balkoth territory

(15) Arkati Sects brawling round the fountain on the plaza of Nisos.  (16)  Pentan Riders spy on the Red Haired Caravan

(17)  A Vampire stalks the Demi-Vierge of Rhigos  (18) Newly castrated Maran Gor initiates stumble the streets of Wintertop

(19) Peasants near the Hill of Gold laying bets on Hero Questers.  (20) Driving the pigs to market in Elkoi.

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