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Unlicensed Petri Hiltunen art in Stormbringer (5th ed, 2001)?

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There's a forum thread over at RPGGeek called "The Dark Side of Chaosium", in which a friend of the Finnish artist Petri Hiltunen reports that Chaosium's previous management used Hiltunen's art without permission in the 2001 fifth edition of Stormbringer. (I don't know whether the accusation also extends to the use of his art in Dragon Lords of Melniboné or not.)

I haven't any information either way except what's been offered up in that thread, but thought it worth linking here in hopes that someone from Chaosium management can contact Hiltunen to investigate and resolve the issue. (Obviously there's no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of the current management, but I do hope they're interested in addressing this concern.)

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Both the 5th-edition Stormbringer rulebook and Dragon Lords of Melniboné include this note on their respective copyright pages:


THIS BOOK IS A CELEBRATION of work done over the years by many people here in the U.S. and abroad. Much of the art was created for translated editions of Chaosium works—some of the overseas publishers no longer exist. Over the years we have lost track of some of the artists and are interested in finding them again. Please call us at 510-452-4658.

I take this as a sign of good intentions on Chaosium's part; they'd hardly ask artists to reach out if they were knowingly involved in unlicensed usage of their work.

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As I noted over on RPGGeek about this matter, anyone who has questions about art use (or any other rights or payment issues), he can contact me at James@Chaosium.com. It would be helpful if anyone making a claim can provide copies of original contracts and communications with Chaosium or other companies.

The new management of Chaosium has been very public about getting old problems resolved. These efforts have been covered in the hobby press quite prominently. https://geekandsundry.com/cthulhu-company-kickstarted-itself...

James Lowder
executive editor, Chaosium

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