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Question about Projects status

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Searching for ongoing project with Revolution D100.. I found 3 that looks like they could be interesting for me...
(Red Moon Rising looks quite interesting and original too.. but less relevant to my current ideas! ;)

- Irem, the city of 10,000 pillar
- Weird adventure on the Astral Sea
- Guide to the Galactic Frontier

And I was curious to know if there is any (near?) ETA for any of them? :o 

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Irem is being worked upon actively, but the author has four other deadlines this week (Lucca Comics is coming) and I do not expect to receive any update soon. ETA is ASAP but not anytime soon.

Adventures on the Astral Sea has been cancelled because the author made different choices.

Guide to the Galactic Frontier is being released for Savage Worlds first. It may appear later in Revolution D100 format.

We have a couple of new one to announce soon - I hope.


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