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Combat Ideas

Lloyd Dupont

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First I got 2 new stunt ideas to submit for review

first one is a tweak and generalisation on an existing, the jab, jab, punch

Power Attack: could apply to any know close combat weapon. Enable the power attack effect or can be used with stun. Grants 2 kinetic might.

Feint: this can be learn multiple time, it can be used any time in the attack phase, it apply up 1 level penalty to the attack (player's choice) and the same penalty is applied to the defence. 
maybe this could be use only one per fight.. undecided...



Combat tweak ideas: when out of SR one lose the trait bonus and also 1 EP to defends. I am contemplating adding additional malus somehow.. (and maybe there is but I didn't understand it).
My current thinking right now is using figurine each character has an orientation (front, back, etc..) and 1 penalty for sideways attack and 2 penalty (or can't defend if surprised) from back attack.
How about that?

And I should use grapple. When multiple enemy try to grapple one I should apply the defence malus mentioned above.. i.e. it's hard to grapple against multiple enemy.

And as I get more comfortable with Revolution I think I should revisit combat (and make some NPC - NPC simulation)(tomorrow evening, just got up in the middle of the night to write that 😮 :P )  I think I know how to crush a better armed and armoured opponent with superior numbers 😮 

First make him lose all his SR with multiple attack & defence
Then win 1 attack roll and use stun: it will be a successful stun since SR is already 0. (Power attack can be useful here, if one has a might of 0! :P )
Then coup de grace.
Is that right? 😮 :D 

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