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Revolution Companion Requests

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Revolution D100 Rules for Spirit Combat, Spiritual Entities, Etc.

- Yes, I realize this is in Mythras. But I doubt that I understand Revolution D100 let alone Mythras enough to do a good job at this. Spirit Combat, Travel, etc. is definitely a thing in multiple Genres - Gloranthan Animism, Enochian Magic, Werewolf the Forsaken / Apocalypse

Simplified Antagonist Creation

Rules for how to quickly "stat out" some kind of NPC ior creature without going through all of the character creation rules.

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Hi Archivist,

for your spirit thing, I have to say spirit confused me a bit in RQ, and Mythras... I mean a few tray ghost here and there.. but a rich spirit menagerie.. so ... no advice here...


As for the random protagonist, I find it easy to wring it up, even without knowing the rue too much...

Here is my personal approach to that problem:
- decide class size and whether the creature has average toughness or a bit more (for bosses)
- decide the value of interesting skill (mostly combat, for animals and mobsters)(be inspired by players value! ;)
- decide the eventual power / poison / movement ability combat style / weapon / spell

And I summarise it all in 3 short lines on my notebook! :

In fact, got though the character creation rule once.. you will see it's pretty easy.. starting skills average to around 25%, you got 1 +20, 1+10 a free bonus of ~+13 and about 8 traits (IIRC) to chose in a thematically appropriate list.
Check the monsters too, they have close to human like characteristics, save for toughness / size and an occasional power

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Quick reply:

  • Shamanism will be in Wind on the Steppes. We do not have a formalised ETA but I have had plenty of discussions with Zit about spirit combat. There will be no "generic" shamanism chapter in the Companion, I prefer having this kind of rules firmly anchored to a cultural context, and you can see that it is easy to extrapolate them for a different one.
  • As for NPC building, we may add some guidelines, but as Lloyd has explained, the process is extremely easy in RD100. You do not need to run through the character creation procedure.
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