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Castle Terminology


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A little curious looking through some of the terms for castles used in the Boy-King Period. What precisely is the distinction between a Square Tower and a Double-Square Tower? All the book states is that Double-Square and Triple-Square offers more defensive value, but I'm seeing little online that seems to imply anything called as such.

Is it a reference to size? Or construction, or what?

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Yes it's height. Waaayyyy back in KAP 1 towers were measured in terms of height, with each level of height being about 15 feet, if I recall correctly. Taller towers (and walls) cost  more and had a little more DV, but their main advantage was that defenders in taller structures could shoot over lower ones. That let's you build defenses in layers, and is usually referred to as a concentric castles, which is possible in the latter periods of the game. There are round towers as well, and they are harder and more xpenseive to build but are harder to undrmine and give a better field of fire, so they have a higher DV that square towers of the same size.

Early Pendragon also used to give castles an AREA rating. This was a very abstract way of setting up defenses,. You have to make each new ring of defense cover a larger AREA than the previous one, and there were limits on how many defenders an area could cover. KAP  5 has started equating these Areas to real world distances and measurements so that we can figure out how big a any give castle should be in game terms.


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