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Black Elves senses

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Hi there

i have a pestering player in my group that ended up playing a voralan (black elf). We wondered why the poor fungi thing doesnt have neither the darksenses of the trolls nor the elf sense of the cousin elves. I know they arent neither the first nor the second, but i think they should have something to deal with their natural ambient, that is somehow dark and not well suited for the sun light to penetrate. Any suggestion ?


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The RQ3 Glorantha Bestiary has a little more of Black Elves


siblings are in telepathic communication with each other

This may not be true anymore, however I'd make them a hive mind - processing the environment through limited senses. Giving them the equivalent of sight/dark/elf sense together. Call it Dark elf sense, Voralan sense or what ever. Pity the poor Dark elf who is alone in the world with none of the advantages of the hive.

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or do they have limits in their senses, as david implies ? the tie with the darkness rune gives me the idea they can somehow move even alone in some kind of darkness. I am tempted to give them something akin to darksense.. and no, i am not seeing them with luminescent fungi, the idea of light underground, or in the deepest part of a fungus field is something that is absolutely un-fungine :P

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