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Question concerning scenarios

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Hello all,

I had a question concerning scenarios for play. As a member of the Cult, I realize that we get special access to the Organized Play Scenarios. Which is great.


I am wondering if we are allowed to run what ever scenarios we like, say The Haunting, The Lightless Beacon, or Dead Lights or say even something much bigger and grander such as Masks or Horror on the Orient Express. 

I know it's probably a dumb question, but was curious. 

Also does anyone know if there are plans for a possible Modern Era Organized Play set of scenarios? 


Anyways thanks 

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Didn't catch this earlier - my apologies.

You can run what you like - published scenarios, Cult of Chaos ones, or enemy your own ones. We just want you to be comfortable with what you are running and hopefully this your are introducing the game to have a great time. 

Modern era - we don't have anything in the works as yet, but most of the scenarios available would work fine in the modern day. Don't be afraid of cell phones and the investigators calling the police - if they want to send innocent police officers to shoggoth (which then eats them), then make sure the investigators lose Sanity for 'murdering' the innocents. They''ll soon realize that bringing in others to solve their problems has unfortunate consequences. And, the internet is not an investigators friend.


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