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Magic Item identification

Lloyd Dupont

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By looking at a spell effect, a Second Sight user will automatically be aware of its origin (divine, arcane, etc.). As long as Second Sight’s Might exceeds the other power’s, the watcher will be able to determine the effects of the perceived power, and if the Might is more than twice that of the other power he or she will also receive a mental image of who activated the power effect.

The second option will probably be dropped in the International Edition to avoid calculations. In addition to this, an investigator can use a Conflict against the full Value of a power or item to learn more detailed information about it. This is the most fun method because it leaves room for unexpected results and discoveries, particularly when the item has a will of its own.

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I guess second sight to see a magical item and be able to identify an item, but conflict to learn all of its power.... sounds cool! :)

Not user I would use that with alchemical concoction though.. maybe need alchemical knowledge and some testing materials.... mm...

On a vaguely related topic I have a conundrum, I am tempted to  give perhaps 3 or 4 power to this orb. The 4th (optional) one is top open a path to a dream realm. A place in the astral plane frequented by the followers of the deity of the temple owning the orb. And I am wondering if it could be used both ways.. Not by the spirit of the dead of course, but by local demons..
But then this orb could become too dangerous to steal, since why not send plenty of demons at once through it hey? I might not give this last power at all, because benefit is little... but wondering if you got any reaction / ideas about just that kind of item?

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In old RQ2, we used to play that you could taste a tiny little bit of the Potion and use taste Analysis to work out what it was, without being affected by it. so, a Taste Analysis trait might work well.

As for magical items, we just used them to find out what they did, if we didn't have Analyse Magic available. When my PC became an Associate Priest of Issaries and gained Analyse Magic, he was the favourite member of the party. In Revolution D100 terms, I'd just have a similar spell.

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You might have both Taste and Alchemy (Synergistic Traits, page 26) can do the trick, or that you can have Taste Analysis as a Trait that replaces the combination of the two but cannot be used for other purposes. Or require Taste Analysis with one or both of the other Traits as prerequisites, depending on how hard you want to make life for your potion identifier.

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