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Little Magic Anectode

Lloyd Dupont

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We haven't played the last 2 weekend due to real life issue...

Anyway.. was trying to cope up with Teleport attack and modify my Dark Elf accordingly, with the idea that they were used to this sort of thing.

I was inspired by the magic section which imply that one can extend enchant to large area.
Now (some of) my Dark Elf city have magical dome of protection which can prevent some spell (fly, teleport, scry) to work, and provide some minor scry ability over the city to some magical police force and also cover the city with an illusion.

And there is a magic room in the lord's dungeon to run continuous scry operation.... detecting multiple large teleport as possibly suspicious.

Not really important now, but I think if the player were to (successfully) investigate such enchantment it will be represented by some big crystal ball with an image of the city inside... and would somehow be tied to the city (not worked if removed and taken away)

Overall I like the techno magic surveillance, it's a cool concept which filled my player wit caution! :)

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