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There's nothing specified in the rule book, but with attribute rolls having a max of 18 an attribute shouldn't be higher than 90. It is suggested that SIZ and INT have a min of 40.

Skills can also be spent on at will, but I like my players to bear in mind this rough scale:


So if a player wast to be 21 years old and have, say, 95% in chemistry, common sense says it ain't happening. Match the skill to the realistic experience of the character.

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One of our Players took Shotgun 200% as a starting skill and had a base chance with everything else. When challenged, his response was something like "look, call of Cthulhu PCs only last a couple of adventures anyway, so I might as well have fun with this one". He has rubbish at most things, but could shoot a grain of sand out of the eye of a Deep One.

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I've considered a 70% maximum on a starting players skills.

Enough to 'specialise' but still lose, enough for a player to be forced to allocate to other skills. It avoids one-trick characters.

Taking 50% to be an average skill - not enough to be a tutor but more than a novice - 70% is good for indicating talent or interest in a skill.

It may be a "house rule" but it works.

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