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Runequest 3, house rules, Borderlands and questions

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7 hours ago, lordabdul said:

That's... a.... really selfish take on reading RPG books in my opinion

How is thinking that a rule will cause problems is "selfish"?!

Let's play a mind-game.  Let's suppose you're reading a manual on electrical repair of small appliances, and you come across a section that says:

"First, fill your bath-tub with water.  Now get in the bath-tub.  Now plug in the device you want to repair into an active electrical outlet.  Now start stripping the wires."

Do you think it would be "selfish" if you think to yourself "you know, I don't think I like these instructions, they may lead to a situation that I will find undesirable"?

When you read rules, you evaluate them within the context of what else you know about the game, and make a decision about whether those rules are compatible, incompatible, easy, difficult, or whatever.  That's just ... normal.

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1 hour ago, BWP said:

How is thinking that a rule will cause problems is "selfish"?!

Thinking that a rule causes problems is not selfish. Thinking that the logical conclusion is "the rulebook is wrong, the authors are stupid/didn't think this through", however, is, in my opinion.

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