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Paladin Adventures for KAP


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In the main Paladin book, you'll find several solos adventures, such as a well-written hunting section, how to go on pilgrimages, and the like. Those, I have used, since they seem that they translate neatly to KAP. Of those, I run a variant of the adventure with the wolf-knight, just replacing the characters with Arthurian ones. For example, in the Uther Period, Madoc could take the place of Roland. Duke Thierry can be replaced with the player's liege-lord.

The adventure book is more complicated. Most of those are recreations of actual chansons de geste, now turned to play. However, of them, I remember checking out Steel Tongues and deciding it might be very cool to run during Conquest Period, or even before. I am unsure how to deal with the whole conversion angle, however, as KAP doesn't seem to have much of a focus on religious conflict.


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