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Bring in your demands! :)

Lloyd Dupont

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I am a programmer by day.... 
And sometimes also by night too! 😮 

I have an ongoing map creating application home project going on (which looks quite cute so far btw).. But I have been stuck for 2 years on a nasty maths problem.. (trying to do a vector graphic eraser and merge so you can draw nice vector graphics cave just by shaking your mouse...)

At any rate.. being stuck on a dry spell.. when I just got hit by a new idea today! :D 

I am going to make (a quick and dirty to begin with) NPC/Character/Monster sheet generator... might make it a desktop app, and an Android app... (and perhaps a web app too, but here I plan to use some new tech so might be a bit slow)...

At any rate you are welcome to come with must have ideas if you are interested to use such a thing for your self! :)


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