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Playing With Iconic Characters


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I ran SB with some of the characters. If I remember correctly I introduced Rackhir, Smiorgan, Avan Astran and Elric. It really depends on your group of players. Some players, or characters, may react badly, specially with melnibonéan characters like Elric. The thing is even Elric is quite killable so, as a GM, you might have to fudge some rolls or add "Cosmic Balance Points" (like fate points) or something like that to protect the main characters.

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Check my Lobo Blanco - Elric RPG (now in english!)

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37 minutes ago, el_octogono said:

I now realize I misunderstood the question. I never ran SB using personalities as PCs. I think it would be fun but a totally different experience from the novels.

It seemed like an important part of the early versions of SB and in the 80s may have been a more popular style of play. I am curious if anyone took that road and how it differed from the novels, as you mention. 

Its 2300hrs, do you know where your super dreadnoughts are?


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I was forced by the players to use Elric, Dyvim Slorm, and Dharnizhaan (yes) as NPC's. It was a hairy thing, but I think I did them justice to some extend.


Never used any pregenerated characters in any RPG, though. Players should be able to forge their own characters.

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I ran a longish campaign using the Elric! rules where one of the players played Rackhir the Red Archer. The other PCs were more or less normal PCs. Strangely, it worked. They stopped the Fhoy-Mhyore being reborn in the Silent Land, toured the Island of Pan-Tang and finally recovered the Eye of the Theocrat from Ameeron after having struck a deal with Gaynor the Damned. Ah, and they summoned Quaolnargn.

There was a (thin) plot connecting all these things but I have forgotten it.

Using a personality from the saga seemed suitable to the over-the-top style of that campaign. 




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