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Character Improvements

Lloyd Dupont

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Lots of the rule in RD100 are left open to GM interpretation... Although, even when one like the letter of the law, it is sometimes hard to follow...

For example, on the "character improvement sections" it says:
"Learning a new Trait costs one
Improvement Point and uses up one of the available Slots for that Skill; if no
Slot is available, the player must first improve the Skill to open up a new Slot.
Background or Environment Traits can be neither researched nor taught. Only
living for a long time in the related area can allow a character to gain these


now what is a background trait?
from the example environment or profession one could believe close combat trait are either any close combat weapon trait is either environmental or professional. Yet surely it can also be taught...

Can anyone shed any light on that please?



As a side note.. What if I want to create special order (probably martial order, but all bets are off!) that have some arcane spell.. but without going through arcane knowledge.. how would one model that?

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 A background trait is, for example, "Queenslander". You can possibly teach Australian English to someone, but in order to become a Queenslander you have to live Down Under for some time. Needless to say, "Queenslander" includes knowledge of English and the ability to talk with an Australian accent.

As for Monk orders, just declare that the Member of the Order Trait includes the necessary knowledge of magic. The rules about Arcane Magic do not define the trait explicitly just in order to leave this possibility open.

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