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Chaosium Announces Rivers of London Roleplaying Game


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And now the Rivers of London RPG creative team has been assembled! They'll be working closely with Ben Aaronovitch on the game's development and presentation.

They are, in alphabetical order, Paul Fricker, Adam Gauntlett, Lloyd Gyan, Lynne Hardy, Gavin Inglis, Keris McDonald, Helena Nash, and Lucya Szachnowski.

More details here:


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Today Chaosium's MOB (me) and Lynne met with Ben Aaronovitch and Genn, who manages Ben's newsletter (among many other things). Despite Ben's wonky internet's best efforts to derail everything, a great discussion was had about timelines, art briefs, and ideas for the Rivers of London RPG, which we have in development. This is an exciting project!


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On 12/1/2019 at 4:23 AM, Joerg said:

Basically, Sir Isaac Newton went on to write the definitive work on magic after having completed his work on physics. His successors became the guardians of the supernatural.

There was a huge magical conflict that used the Second World War to cover up their misdeeds, which wiped out most active mages in Britain (which apparently won).

Peter Grant is a modern day policeman, son of an English jazz musician and an African immigrant. He discovers his aptitude for the supranatural when dealing with a mystery case and perceiving transparent witnesses. As a result, he gets assigned to the Folly, Scotland Yard's magical division headed and staffed by the last active Newtonian mage in Britain and his not quite human household aide. Peter gets involved with the family of the new Goddess of River Thames (another African woman...) and starts an apprenticeship in magic.

There are a few common themes between this and the Dresden Files, like the neural deterioration that over-use of magic creates in the brains of its practitioners, and the ability to hex modern technology. But both Peter Grant (and his newly discovered German colleague) are policemen first and foremost, then heroic magical apprentices.

The books are mystery cases involving supernatural entities and evil mages. Often both in the same story.

Quoting a fairly old post but this sounds good. It made me buy the first book to try it out. This summary somewhat reminds my of The Watch Series by Sergei Lukyanenko.

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Just wondering – not demanding 'When will this be released!!!!' honest – how progress is going on this project? I've been working my way through the books and am thoroughly enjoying them, so I'm really looking forward to this product. It's easy to see how the stories really suit themselves to an RPG: vestigia as clues, spells made up of component forma, etc..

I've no doubt that news will ramp up as things near completion, but in the meantime it'd be nice to have a few little updates along the way. Maybe it's just my paranoia that no news might be bad news. I don't need an answer to this post, just wanted to say a bit of news now and then would be nice :) Ta

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