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Disintegration spell

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14 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

How would you model disintegration spell?

I am thinking to introduce a Beholder next session, the famous (or infamous) D&D iconic monster!

Have you watched The Boys, a SuperHero TV show?

Homelander's eye beams are effectively a Disintegration spell.

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No I haven't haha!....
There is only 4 pc and npc in the party in an hostile land.. but they are wrecking! but the tide can turn quickly any time....

it's always a challenge to make it scary but not deadly.. They do run away a lot, that is good though! :)

this time I thought to make them stumble on a secret wizard lair... with some creative boosted monster... there might be a beholder, would be cool.. but a bit scared it's gonna be a game wrecker....

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