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The Sorcerer's Staff and Resistance Tests

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Do the Magic Points stored in a Sorcerer's Staff count alongside the Sorcerer's own MP when making Resistance Table rolls.

e.g. a Sorcerer with POW 17 has 17 MP and a fully charged Staff containing 16 MP. Does this mean the Sorcerer's MP equals (17+16=) 33 on the Resistance Table?

I can't find any reference to this in Magic World, SB5 or the BGB. Any suggestions or house-rules for this would be very useful.



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So this is from page 105, sub header- SORCERY SPELL LIST


Resisted: Many spells may be resisted by the target. This is done by the caster overcoming either the MP or POW of the target with his own. This is noted as either, “Resisted MP:MP” or “Resisted POW:POW” respectively. The resistance roll is always made with the current value of the respective characteristic. Note that spending the Magic Points to cast
the spell is done before the resistance roll.

Unless it states it somewhere else (that I have not found) the character's MP are not bolstered by the MP of any magic item, unless that item specifically says it does. The Staff doesn't, it just has MP available for use. However, a spell that is MP:MP uses the MP regardless of whether it is the same as the POW score. So if you sacrifice a point of POW (say 18 down to 17) until you use them, your MP are still 18 and the sorcerer would use 18 for the Resistance Table. 

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