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Lloyd Dupont

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Plenty of things I was wondering from the last session and wonder if any like minded individual have any ideas on those...

  •  XP progression: progression seems to have a quadratic cost increase with... errr.. level? for example if I have 90% in concentration an 40% in combat and 9 XP. I got one roll with 10% chance at 2D4 progression (or 1) or 2.x rolls at 60% chance for 2D4 (and probably 20% at 1D4 and that leave 20% at 1). So not only you progress less but you also roll less... which discourage specialisation a bit too much (and with general skill as they are I rather people specialise) I am tempted to either have XP roll at 1XP regardless of skill or keep the roll cost, but roll for 2D4 or 1D4
  • I am starting to have some power "stunt" ideas.... for example I was contemplating making a new spell-stunt: change self, which would be a stunt of Illusion. What about that hey?
  • What would be the Concentration skill of a golem? (I am thinking to give them 20% + a resist magic trait, bringing save to 50%) and... Soltkas gave it No CON.. so how would it resist to Hinder?
    discussion here: 
  • Speaking of golem.. it could be a big waste of material if I use precious material... (so far my golem have been human size with XL (5) size class, due to material weight / density) and it's also harder to make big one! I am tempted to introduce Animated Armor monsters in my campaign (i.e. being hollow they would be much less wasteful and hard to produce)....mmm.. what is the question here.. right, any suggestion on the stat and construction procedure of those? Also, ideally, SIZ class should not be based on weight for the armour version, me think...
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XP progression: yes, it is intentional. It is an incentive to not exceed with Close Combat or the like. However, you will see that the rules themselves still encourage specialisation. If your skill does not increase, you do not "open up" other slots.

Change self: Really good idea, this is how stunts should work.

A golem is a construct so it should be immune to many magical effects. I would not let any power that can be countered by Willpower affect the golem. As for Hinder, if it works at all you could use STR instead of CON - I do not think that slowing down such a brute should be easy:

Animated armour is ok as an idea. The rules for constructs will be in the new SRD for magic which is *almost* ready.

Size Class is not depending on weight. You can usually gauge it from weight, but for armour it is clearly based on the Size class of the chap who is supposed to wear it.


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HI Paolo!
Hey glad you like that stunt! :) This indeed make the game more.. interesting.....
In practice I need to work on the difficulty / effort to learn the stunt in practice... might requires some downtime conflict (i.e. training) with a round of 1 week and a difficulty around 20....

- XP I mostly ask because my player was complaining about the cost... and.. I got some fuzzy uneasy feeling about it too...

- Golem and spell.. I made it immune to many spell... but not just plain immunity, but something that made.. "sense". They are immune to elemental spell so far, and polymorph as well (different kingdom). But when they tried hinder I saw no reason to say no... But it turns out to be quite effective...
But since those monster are typically know for magic resistance and since I didn't see any reason to say just "no, it's immune".. I felt somewhat unsatisfied.... and I am looking for an idea to make them more... "immune" (or maybe a reason to make them immune to more spell)... even a +30% resistance might not be so helpful since they should have low base concentration...

Ar any rate keen to see your magical construct rules! :) 

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