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Not any sort of urgent question at all (not for the next 12 months at least, at the rate things are going) but I was thinking I might have player face powerful astral entities next campaign. And join a war between gods the next next campaign (I know, it's pure munchkinery, but hey, I have never done it before and, for some reason, this struck me as a good idea for those characters as things were going)

So I thought about it a lot, the ascension process (which is not really relevant, but one might be interested with what I came up with) and what kind of power a divinity should yield (so that it can be fought).

So here are my current ideas, feel free to pitch in with additional suggestion (BTW after wondering a lot about the ascension process I just started to wonder about the divinity powers, so new idea welcome

Ascension Process

One should delve into the Primordial Fire of Creation beacons that can be found on the Astral plane while attempting the Divine Rebirth ritual. Obviously the beacon could be guarded jealously or offered as a rewards. Same goes for the ritual.

Difficulty 130%, Pool 80 vs Concentration (or Allegiance) and Willpower pool. The “consume power stone” feat can be used (multiple times, obviously, and would need many power stone ready) to extend player pool (forego 1 success attack to replenish player's pool by stone power). A divine sponsor can be used to reduce difficulty to 100%. First 5 conflicts round are 1 seconds, (quickly destroying most living creature) then further conflict round are 1 hour each, hence the process, if successful, can take some days.

Failure will me result in annihilation of body and soul. Success will result in rebirth of the character as a lesser divinity.


When rebirthed as a divinity, one gain of 1D6 in each characteristic, and gain the divine power skill at D6%. (this power requires 20 + num slot XP to progress).

When a divinity dies it lost 10 Divine Power to create a new body in a number of days equals to its divine power which will rebirth at the original beacon it ascended from. Due to that loss and the high cost of the skill, most "medium divinity" will have about 90% divine skill.

Divinity have Toughness and HP and never suffer from major wound. Lethal wound starts when all HP have been depleted. Fate point maximum is now equal to Divine Skill (all divinity have fate points, doh - it's not just luck, its their innate power).

All Divine Action SR are (Dex+Wil) / 2.

Divine powers that can be bought for each slot (all powers can be bought multiple times) (maybe 1 slot per 5 point?).

  • Divine Magic Power
  • +6 to a characteristic
  • +toughness HP (i.e. HP is a multiple of toughness) (it works as damage reduction as far as the visual of it goes)
  • Regeneration +1HP / round
  • Magic Resistance (remove +1 might of adverse spell effect per round)

Each divine magic power work like a normal arcane spell with a few key differences.

  • Its opening move SR is Willpower + 20 and cost 3SR to cast (cast before spending the SR).
  • Might: number of slot of divine power (as usual) all in for might. Range is unlimited in theory, but limited by sight in practice for many spells. Duration is permanent (but can be dispelled)
  • Can be spammed for free

Each divinity can build a domain in the emptiness of the astral plane. Either contiguous to an ally deity or on its own. The base domain is a circle of 100m * divine skill radius. (and divine skill  x10m thickness). All the followers will power in meter can be added to the radius. The divinity can see through the eye of any creature in the domain.

The astral plane being a plane of thought creature can be created by mere thought (rule to be added on creature population). Any of the divinity magic power can be granted to any of its creatures.

Other limitation

With eternal life came other benefit such as high skills. pick 2~4 skill and maximise them. Maximum being set 5 times the base score.

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I like the Ascension process, it is a perfect example of how a Conflict can emulate almost anything without much tinkering.

The handling of Divinity sounds complicated to me, though. For instance, why a random 1d6 to all characteristic rather than "distribute your remaining Resolution Points among characteristics at will"? A lot of other things could be simple remodelings. Consider that a 200% in a skill is "divine" in the game. Think of Neo flying and dodging bullets...

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Thanks hey! :)  
The more I use the conflict system the more I like it! :) 

For the divine power I was thinking of something like other RD100, "skill and slots"... 
it doesn't need to be too good it won't be used much except by NPC....
my power list was not very satisfying though, I admit.. as I made some divinity in my mind while commuting from work...


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