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Jar Eel the Razoress in Bronze: Sculpture by Eric Vanel


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On 12/18/2019 at 6:47 PM, Sir_Godspeed said:

Lots of more Glorantha sculptures in that instagram gallery as well, including Uz!

And Harrek.

Really remarkable talent on display, amazing.

Edit: Love the use of lego as mold-form.  My absolute favorite is Jar-eel vs Harrek, her pose vs his pose says everything about each of them.

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Chaosium congratulates sculptor Eric Vanel! His depiction of Gloranthan heroine Jar-eel the Razoress, cast in bronze in the 'heroic nude' style of classical antiquity, has been selected for the Salon des Artistes Français 2021.


The Salon was established by King Louis XIV in 1667, with the Société des Artistes Français holding annual exhibitions since 1881. This year's exhibition in Paris has been cancelled due to the pandemic, but you can find Jar Eel among many artworks of very talented artists in the virtual exhibition here:


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Éric is great, he's a lovely guy, and it was a privilege when he came to do some illustration work for us over at French fanzine Les Érudits de l'Ambigu.

A shame that the amazing design work he had started for the unpublished fourth issue will never see light of printed paper, it would have been a beautiful issue just design-wise.

This was our projected cover design :


(sorry about the artefacts from the incorrect fonts in this jpeg)

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"GAMING continues to prove its artistic credentials – not that they should be in any doubt at this point – and the latest example of the connection is cast in bronze and featuring in an important French art exhibition."

—Game On Aus talks to the sculptor himself, Eric Vanel: 



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RPGs elevated to fine art! Jar Eel the Razoress is back, this time with a dark red patina.
Sculptor Eric Vanel has once again cast Gloranthan hero Jar Eel the Razoress in bronze, in the 'heroic nude' style of classical antiquity. This magnificent work is for sale.
#4 in an edition of 8 bronzes: https://www.ericvanel.com/projet-01
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