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Situation report ?

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Looking at the home page for BRP there's 16 monographs or supplements in the under preparation category.

I was wondering if the various authors are still on the site if they could give us a sit rep for their supplements...some have been very quiet for a long time.

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Fractures Hopes has been in the hands of a freelance editor for a few months. I have been in contact with him regarding changes and clarifications. This was earlier this year. Since I haven't heard back from him regarding other changes, I assume that the manuscript has been moved on to layout.

A while ago, Dustin at Chaosium posted a report and mentioned a handful of projects, that went unnamed, and their current status. While I don't know this for certain, I suspect FH is one of the projects mentioned.

The last I heard for publication date is Fall 09, possibly even as late as Christmas. Of course, reality being what it is, it may not see print until early 2010.

This is all supposition on my part, based on what I've heard and putting things together.

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Plugging along at Sword & Spell.

When I gave Dustin my last progress report a couple weeks ago he informed my that with what I already have its already to large for a single monograph and that I should think about dividing it up into a volume I and volume II.

So volume I is to be called Adventurers and will consist of...

Chapter 1: Characters

Chapter 2: Skills

Chapter 3: Spells

Chapter 4: Spot Rules

And volume II is to be called Gamemastery and will consist of...

Chapter 1: Monsters

Chapter 2: Treasure

Chapter 3: The Realm

Chapter 4: Adventures

This is still subject to change as I finilize what should be added to flesh it out but its what I'm thinking about right now.

My original intention was to have the manuscript turned in to Chaosium at the end of June. Now with the chance to add some things that I was not able to fit before that may change. Either way, I at least hope to have volume I submitted by then.


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Rubble and Ruin monograph

I have completed a rough draft and started serious editing. Chapter 1 is effectively in finished form, chapters 2 and 3 will likely only see minor changes, chapter 4 needs its first post-draft-now-that-I’ve-had-some-time-to-think-about-it revision (I’m new to editing, but I think that is an official level of editing), and chapter 5 was just completed in the last week. I sent a very rough draft to Dustin last week in the hopes of getting some preliminary comments.

I am off to a conference at the end of May-first week of June and I hope to have enough layout done that I can take a copy with me to work on the index and TOC.

Oh, and in case you can not read my mind, the chapters are:

1: General background

2: Character Creation

3: Spot Rules (Firearms, dogs and Cars)

4: GMs Sections (Campaign ideas, sample gangs, general comments and a small bestiary)

5: Two sample adventures

I am hopeful that it will be submitted by late June.



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Still working on Interplanetary, and playtesting some of it on these very forums.

A bunch of stuff put it on the sideline for a while, but I'm working diligently on it and expect the complete manuscript to be complete within the next 4-6 weeks.

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I've done pretty much all the background material for The God Machine setting. I've written around 40,000 words in total. I'm slowly building up the rules section as I type this. It's pretty slow going, trying to fit it around work and my family life.

Nathan Baron

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The Green is still in the works. The big issue at hand right now is getting it edited and formatted. I cannot do a whole lot with that myself so I am doing a lot of waiting. I have given up trying to set a time frame for the thing as it really depends on other people and their schedules.


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Mythic Iceland - Viking Age adventures in the Land of Fire and Ice

Most chapters are on finished form. I have actually found it difficult to know when to stop adding stuff to the book! I am working at the moment on finishing the sample adventures, the Creatures chapter, Lands to the West chapter, as well as the Cthulhu Dark Ages material to be included in the book.

Here is the list of chapters:

1 - Introduction

2 - History of Mythic Iceland - Covering Nordic myth of creation and Mythic Iceland's place within it; historical info from the settlement age up to end of Commonwealth period

3 - Character Creation - New skills, rule changes from BRP core, new wealth system, Icelandic names with translations, etc

4 - Life in Saga Age Iceland - Lots of information about life in Viking Age Iceland

5 - Law and Government - Assemblies, laws, and a new rule system for resolving legal disputes

6 - Religion - Norse gods tied to BRP allegiance system, rituals, temples, conversion to christianity

7 - Magic - New free-form magic system based on Nordic futhark runes

8 - Traveller's Guide - Description of thirty-three locations in Iceland and the myths connected to them, along with adventure seeds for each of those locations

9 - Elves, The Hidden People - How to use the hidden people in your game

10 - The Lands to the West - Greenland and Vinland colonies

11 - The Wider World - Expanding the game to the rest of the Viking World and wider Europe

12 - Mythic Creatures of Iceland - Twenty new creatures from Icelandic legend, with BRP stats

13 - Adventures - Two medium-length adventures

14 - Cthulhu Dark Ages Iceland - Iceland setting for Cthulhu Dark Ages, focusing on the old Icelandic tales of witchery, the undead, demons and evil monsters. Two short adventures included.

I am hoping to be able to submit the finished manuscript sometime around October.

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Slowly, very slowly, progressing on Covenant of Justice. I recently emailed Charlie and Dustin to let them know that in the next few weeks I will have a stronger picture of the time-frame that I am now looking at.

Real-life, minor health issues and running games in the setting with my gaming group have all affected the pace of progress.

Very slowly working towards completing my monograph.

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I've done pretty much all the background material for The God Machine setting. I've written around 40,000 words in total. I'm slowly building up the rules section as I type this. It's pretty slow going, trying to fit it around work and my family life.

Do you have any sort of estimate for when you will submit it?


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