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Sorcery as presented in The Smoking Ruins


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"and the gamemaster is free to come up with their own methods or point values as desired. It is strongly recommended that all adventurers use the same method of determination. "

I think the rules are very clear ! Define one rule. I also like one pool (90 / 100 ..) to display as the player wish (in the RAW limits) I dislike the random for creation. It can create too much differences between players, even in the choice: you want to be a good warrior but you have 1d4 malus for any hit ? good challenge or just frustration. Same with sorcerer / int or shaman / pow (but pow seems easier to increase)

My first character in RQ 3 starts with the dices around 100 points of characteristchs (don't remember ~30 years ago) when my friends where between 80-90.. I still remember how the GM watch me after the last roll



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7 hours ago, Crel said:

Literally, the game could just have different default rules for characteristic generation, and I believe this dimension of its difficulties would be resolved.

I'm quite certain the upcoming GM guide will have alternate character creation rules similar to the many different creation rules in CoC7.

Of course I agree that point-buy systems are really good at making equal characters while letting players control what matters. My point was that if the Sorcery rules are so reliant on having extremely good INT, and there are little, if any, other rules for improving INT after character creation, then why wouldn't the authors change the default character creation rules to have characteristics determined through literally anything else than rolling dice? It feels like these 2 things don't work well together.

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On 1/10/2020 at 7:21 AM, French Desperate WindChild said:

"and the gamemaster is free to come up with their own methods or point values as desired. "

Well yes, but whatever is presented in the rules as "the way" is going to have heavy weight in a new GM's mind as the "right" way, even if there's flubbly-wubbly 'you can always make up your own' text buried in there somewhere.  

Rather than force the body of players to abandon the rules that early in the process, I'd agree with Crel that a point buy would make more sense (and would reflect the desires of most of the players today anyway). 

The 'roll 'em straight up' is a relic of the 1970s and 1980s that we didn't even REALLY use much back then in reality EITHER.    I can't be arsed to look it up but someone has a web page out there where they calculate the odds against being able to roll a paladin's stats legally and it's like 0.0002%.


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