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Old MenPlay Runequest Episode18 Heroquest Underworld

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Old Men Play Runequest EP 18 Heroquest to the Underworld
Please note this is an unmoderated group of real life friends and there are some adult themes and swearing.
Our heroes take on the aspects of the gods to rescue a soul from the underworld.
in which 
I fail to pronounce Ty Kora Tek even a little bit
Krodan pulls a critical spear attack roll on the first encounter
Shasellion finds everything out from the glorantha wiki
Khaine goes against his nature and gets all stabby
Mclovin embraces his trickster.

POMA (Pulled Outa My Ass) Heroquest rules Inspired by FATE, Heroquest and Savage worlds*
Describe the scene and outline the goals.
Player roll any skill or rune etc, GM rolls a number of actions , some NPCS get 2 or more rolls.
Succeses Crit = 3 Special = 2 Success = 1 Fails  Fail = 1 Fumble = 3.
Compare sucesses vs failures to see how the round progresses.
If combat, the difference is wounds caused. Otherwise describe how the players win or loose the round.
Characters have 4 wound levels 1 = minor 2 = major 3 = severe 4 = mortal.
Make the rest up based on the rolls..

Youtube video is available at
Free download of audio at internet archive

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