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Cthulhu Medallion Design Contest

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Hi! I am a jewelry artist and my next project is Cthulhu and it's the world. I would like to commission a Cthulhu inspired necklace design.

The design should be Cthulhu mythology inspired

Dimensions of the necklace are 1.4 x 1.4 inches

The design should be possible to turn into a medallion

The design must be your original creation

The contest is open until 15th of February, I would like to buy the rights to use the design on commercial purpose, the prize for the winning work is 300 USD

You can post your work in this thread or send me an email at timmlivv@gmail dot com, after 15th of February top designs are put on a vote

Thank you so much for your time, i am open to all your questions,


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Enjoy 🙂

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lCOGdTYzfYbQoJLzBfeUCAWV4MlMzq1G (3D STL file - for 3D printing). The 3D print could be used for a plaster or sand impression for casting, or spray gold paint on and call it job done.


OpenSCAD script for generating the 3D image:

module tentacle() {
rotate_extrude(angle=80, convexity = 10, $fn=150)
translate([22, 0, 0])
circle(r = 4);

difference() {
    union() {
        cylinder(h=5, r=30, $fn=150);
        difference() {
            sphere(r=15, $fn=150);
            translate([0,0,-25]) cylinder(h=30, r=30);

        for (i = [0:7]) {
            intersection() {
                translate([0, 0, 4.5]) rotate([-22, 0, i * 45]) tentacle();
                translate([0, 0, 1]) cylinder(h=30,r=29, $fn=150);
    translate([0,0,18]) sphere(r=5, $fn=150);



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