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Weapon & shield damage in RQG, RQ2, & RQ3

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7 hours ago, trystero said:
On 1/19/2020 at 7:24 AM, Dragon said:

Note, RQ3 had rules that the parrying item of either sort would take 1 damage, unless the incoming damage exceeded twice the 'armor points' (what they called it in RQ3) of the item in which case the item shattered.


7 hours ago, trystero said:

I can't find any such rule in RQ3 for items shattering when they take more than twice their AP in damage; it's not in the Players Book nor in the errata. Are you certain this wasn't a house rule?

My recollection (bolstered, I hope, by having just glanced through the book again) is that an item loses 1 AP if it suffers damage in excess of its current AP, or loses 1 AP per point of damage in excess of its current AP if the attacker is striking to damage the weapon, and that it breaks when it loses its last AP. (It can also be broken with a STR vs. AP resistance test if caught by a special parry using a swordbreaker weapon.)

@Dragon @trystero

Starting a new post as I know the mods want to avoid discussions in the core rules question thread...so 

RQ3 - Damage is only 1pt to weapon/shield if it exceeds the AP of the weapon. Although a failed attack vs successful parry does do damage directly to the attacking weapon. Then there’s the targeted attack on weapons mentioned above.

RQ2 is deadlier for weapons which always take damage directly when parrying. Although shields get off lightly in RQ2 and don't take damage at all. 

RQG I prefer RQG here as it models more dramatic weapon breaking (and shield breaking) moments on critical attacks, not just parries. It strikes a good balance between RQ2 and RQ3 IMO, with less damage to parrying weapons from standard attacks, balanced by considerably more for critical attacks. 

Looking forward to future shield and weapon shattering gaming moments ( but not too regularly)!



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