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Game Master's screen

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I have attached mine which were made in no particular order except that I always have the one named GM1a front and centre as it has the various character details on it in case I need to do any secret dice rolls etc., the others are I have all laminated so I can swap them out as the need arises - Feel free to amend as you feel fit as stated it was just tables etc. fitted together as and when, no thought for coherency.

NB These are actually currently in use for Pirates and Dragons and have continuously evelved but should be easily edited back to renaissance basics.

NNB Things like weapons ranges and some other items may vary from the base rules as we tweaked a few things during play to iron out a few perceived anomalies and this is still ongoing!

Stats for GM.docx Stats for GM1a.docx Stats for GM2.docx Stats for GM3.docx Stats for GM4.docx

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