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Dark Heresy BRP Conversion?

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Hello all,

I was a bit curious to know if anyone happened to have any information regarding a conversion for Dark Heresy. I came into ownership of one of the books and I'd love to throw some of the monsters into a game I'm planning.

I remember seeing a thread somewhere on here that sort of implied that it exists somewhere, but it was never included therein. So I figured I'd take a shot in the dark and see if anyone had it on hand. Sorry for the trouble mates, and thank you for your time!

"Life itself is only a vision. A dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you... are but a thought."

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I think Dark Heresy has a solid, smooth and very playable system as it is. Even if I have using BRP for more than 30 years, I certainly wouldn't use it for Warhammer or Warhammer 40.000 based games.

I agree, Dark Heresy works fine as it is. Some settings are as much about the system as the setting. The system adds that Warhammery and 40Kian feel to the game.

Even WOTC realized this when they made a D20 Call of Cthulhu. They pretty much decided to leave the Sanity/Insanity system as it was in BRP Call of Cthulhu for three reasons. A) It worked well as it was. B) It was a different set of mechanics then the main system which gave sanity a different and out of place feeling from the rest of the game, which is what they wanted and C) the Sanity system IS Call of Cthulhu. Making it a Sanity Save or Will Save just makes it another pointless Hit Point and D20 saving throw, which it is not.

As for converting the beasties over to BRP, well, in general that will be touch as Dark Heresy relies on a set of extensive Characteristics, Skills, Talents, Traits and much more to create each entry in its beastiary. Dark Heresy also uses many more modifiers in the system, so a WS 35 isnt really a 35% melee combat skill, instead it is more like a 55%.

You would have to go through each characteristic, skill, talent or trait to determine how it converts to BRP, add them up, tweak them based on background and non-discernable stats (like Sanity, San Loss, SIZ, POW and so forth) and then fluff them up based on personal preferences.

It'd be easier to just stright out restat them yourself.

But to do a W40K RPG using BRP, you would have to go from scratch.

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Well, to be honest - I sort of figured that it'd be incredibly difficult to convert it. Like I said, I just recall somebody talking about it and figured I'd give it a shot. In any event - I do thank you for the assistance.

I suppose it shouldn't be too bad. I may not be the most knowledgeable bloke when it comes to Warhammer - but I have some friends who are. Thanks again, though!

"Life itself is only a vision. A dream. Nothing exists, save empty space and you. And you... are but a thought."

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This is what I use for the 40K universe...

WH40K, Inquisitor, Dark Heresy

Warhammer 40K

WS = # of melee weapons skills at x20%

BS = # of ranged weapons skills at x20%



W = + to CON


A = + to DEX

Ld = (WIS/CHA/INT/EDU) x 6 total value

Sv = Stopping Power

S/T/I = 3d6

1 = -7

2 = -3

3 = --

4 = +11

5 = +21

6 = +33

7 = +47

8 = +64

9 = +81

10 = +100

Ld = 3d6 +/- for WIS, CHA, INT, EDU

1 = -6

2 = -5

3 = -4

4 = -3

5 = -2

6 = -1

7 = --

8 = +2

9 = +4

10 = +6

Strength = Melee damage

1 1d4

2 1d6

3 1d8

4 1d10

5 1d12

6 1d10+1d4

7 2d8

8 3d6

9 2d10

10 3d8

Sv = AP

-- = 0

6+ = 10

5+ = 15

4+ = 20

3+ = 50

2+ = 75

1+ = 100

Armor x 10 = AP

Move = Speed

Weapon Damage = D6

AP 1,2 = AP/2 Ablative

AP 2,3 = AP/2

AP 5 = AP -2

AP6 = AP -1


WS = Weapons Skill = all melee skills

BS= Ballistic Skill = all ballistic skills

S= Strength/5 = STR

T= Toughness/5= CON

I= Initiative/5= DEX

Wp= Willpower/5= PWR

Sg= Sagacity/5= INT and EDU

Nv= Nerve/5= WIS

Ld= Leadership/5= CHA

Speed=(Initiative/20)+1 Take Speed times 3 to equal BRP speed

Armor x 4 or just use BRP armor…Powered Armor should be 50 SP at least…

1 1 SP

2 2 SP

3 9 SP

4 16 SP

5 25 SP

6 36 SP

7 49 SP

8 63 SP

9 81 SP

10 100 SP

+1 still use the square value

11 121 SP

12 144 SP

Space Marine Armor = 100, 44 points of ablative

Regular Powered Armor = 100

Ceramite = thermal ½ damage value

Reflec = lasers ½ damage

Inquisitor weapons +50% damage…or just use BRP weapons…

Dark Heresy

Weapon Skill = Weapon Skill %

Ballistic Skill = Ballistic Skill %

Strength = /5 = STR

Toughness = /5 = CON

Agility = /5 = REF

Intelligence = /5 = INT

Perception = /5 = WIS

Willpower = /5 = POW

Fellowship = /5 = CHA

Skills = %

Weapon damage = Use BRP

RANK Progression = All have 8 ranks to D20 Level

1 1-4

2 5-6

3 7-8

4 9-10

5 11-12

6 13-14

7 15-16

8 17-20

Rank to BRP…request advancement, once per year? This is for a TWENTY YEAR Career Model…MINIMUM.

1 +1 years, 1 year minimum to promote

90% to advance, + 5% per additional year (Private)

2 +1 years, 2 years minimum to promote

80% to advance, + 5% per additional year (First Class, Lance Corporal)

3 +1 years, 3 years minimum to promote

70% to advance, + 5% per additional year (Specialist, Corporal)

4 +1 years, 4 years minimum to promote

60% to advance, + 5% per additional year (Sergeant)

5 +1 years, 5 years minimum to promote

50% to advance, + 5% per additional year (Staff Sergeant)

6 +1 years, 6 years minimum to promote

30% to advance, + 5% per additional year (Sergeant First Class, LT)

7 +4 years, 10 years minimum to promote

20% to advance, + 5% per additional year (Master Sergeant, Captain)

8 +5 years, 15 year minimum to promote

(Sergeant Major, Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel/General)

Can “restart” to a different Prestige Class at any point IF you make the “advance percentage” to the new path.

Thus a character can go from Rank 1 to Rank 8, then “restart” a new path at Rank 6…if they choose. Note that the Imperial Guard DOES NOT ALLOW non prior service officers!

For all the systems, if there is something that doesn't fit, I turn it into a skill, and give it a % or remove it...

I hope that is of some use.


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The DH to BRP characteristic conversion does not work. With your system the average character woudl have a STR of 6 once converted. It is better to do DH stat/3=BRP stat, so the average character stat of 30 in DH become 10 in BRP.

As for WS/BS, I dont think that is their skill with all range or melee combat skills, as that just doesnt convert well. I would say that is the add to the base % of the combat skills that a character/critter has based on his or her talent and trait selections. So Guardsman with the talents of Wepon Training (Auto-Pistol, Las Pistol, Crossbow) and a BS of 38% would add +38 to the base % of Las Pistol, Auto Pistol and Crossbow.

But overall I would have some kind of formula that calculates a character's BRP STR and DEX from DH Strength and Agility and then modifies them up or down based on their WS (for Strength) and BS (for Dexterity).

To do a proper conversion would involve many formulas and charts to cross reference.

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