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Cultural daggers?

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So, quick clarification/rules question for RQG: under cultural weapons for new characters, when figuring out base chances, it says "Where the listed skill is a broad category of weapons (such as 1H Axe), you should pick a weapon within that category (such as Battle Axe)."

Which is pretty straight forward as it stands, but under all homelands "Dagger" is listed. Are they referring to the broader category here, or to the specific weapon?  I.e., is "dagger" listed under Cultural weapons because daggers of all types in general are commonly used (melee daggers, throwing daggers, parrying daggers and/or sickles) and to pick one, or are they listed under Cultural weapons because only the specific melee stabby-dagger is the one that gets any use?

Thanks in advance!

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They're presumably referring to the Dagger weapon, not the Dagger category in general. These are cultural weapons, something that everyone in said culture has some familiarity with, just through daily living. Everybody has a knife in Glorantha, even non-combatants such as children, or a healer of Chalana Arroy has a knife on them (though the healer wouldn't use it for defense, rather for cutting up bandages or gathering herbs); they're just sort of something that has practical everyday applications and with that comes the familiarity.

The other forms of daggers such as throwing or parrying, they just don't have that "everybody has one, or is commonly used by us" factor to them that Culture Weapons implies. Throwing daggers or parrying daggers are weapons that take dedicated skill to use that isn't commonly found in Dragon Pass, rather than what you grew up using, or what one of your local thanes has on them when on patrol. Sickles come closest to replicating this everyday familiarity of the knife/dagger, but even then they aren't commonly used as weapons when compared to the knife.

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