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Starting earlier in the timeline

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I've played RQ3 a bit, always loved Glorantha, haven't ever really run a successful game of it. I am really liking what I've read of RQG so far, and I think my players will as well.

However, I would like to use a lot of my older source material, in particular the Giant's Cradle event from the Pavis sourcebook, so I would like to have my adventurers essentially supplant the parent generation in the default family history bit. I'm far from an expert in Glorantha; while I realise I could just use the quick start family history to do this, has anyone besides me (and with better Glorantha Lore %) done anything similar with what would be, in effect, a "great grandparent" section (since the adventurers will be the "parents", their parents will be the "grandparents", I would ideally like a decent idea of what important events happened one generation earlier).

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A quick trip here https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/297538/Early-Family-History?src=hottest_filtered&filters=45683 will suffice for an inexpensive 1 dollar . Or a bit of a search in the BRP Central will yield similar results from the thread that led to this printing for free.

Cheers and welcome to BRP Central.

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