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Lloyd Dupont

Spaceship life advice...

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I know it's an old one, but since my thoughts were on that topic, I couldn't help but think (again) with some joyful glee...

If you are on a space odyssey to a mysterious planet, and the tone of the setting is one of mysterious alienĀ horror...
(Which is not the tone I am going for, this time, unfortunately..)

Don't bring Baked Beans!
(Anyway, anyone knows that Baked Beans are made by Weyland Yutani those days. Which speaks volume! šŸ˜®Ā )
(Weyland Yutani, best R&D company, right? Definitely in my setting! :D)Ā 

Here is why! :D


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Mmm.. I might need this TShirt celebrating the achievements of Weyland Yutani Corp when I GM my scifi adventures! :D
Even though I don't plan on having Xenormorph and it will already be full of aliens.. it set the evil megacorporation tone that I like! :D


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