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Grogzilla issue 1 for ZineQuest 2

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Now on ZineQuest 2: Grogzilla, briefly seen at Grogmeet 2019 now getting a proper printing. It’s full of fire-breathing three-headed skyscraper-sized giant lizards  (stats for D100, OSR, and Monkey!), articles for Mythras, and a mini-adventure sequel to the Road to Hell (for Swords and Wizardry) amongst other things. And It will grow in page count as we hit stretch goals.  

Of interest to the D100 fan is the the stats for Grogzilla himself, and Mechazilla (its sci-fi incarnation for River of Heaven). Also for Mythras fans there's a sneak peek of an adventure book I'm writing for the game that will be released later in the year in the form of the Six Traveller's Culture. The next stretch goal is for a full cult write up of one the Six.

The zine is done, even the stretch goals and will ship shortly after the campaign closes.

Also when the last current batch of stretch goals fund, I've got something very special for D100 fans lined up as the next stretch ;)


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Ok this one has moved fast, and already funded, the next stretch goal is a little zine sized D100 Fantasy Adventure RPG I've been working on called Skyraiders of the Floating Realms.

Its a maximum gaming fun concise D100 with a punchy immediate fantasy setting, centred on adventurers travelling and exploring the Floating Realms of the title using Sky Ships and other methods.

I explain a bit more in this update.


As I said its already funded, and I'm now funding two quick adventures as final stretch goals. 

Here's the front cover by Peter Frain.  



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Ok the adventures have now funded and I've added a set of three simple stretch goals. 

£800 The Crew of the Flying Circus + The Associates of Dr Dee. Pre-made characters for your games of  Skyraiders and for Wigan Pigs (the adventure in Grogzilla) respectively in pdf format. Delivered as a pdf, separate to the zine. 

£1000 Creatures of the Floating Realms. A collection of twenty monsters for Skyraiders of the Floating Realms Delivered as a pdf, separate to the zine. 

£1100 Five Personalities of the Floating Realms - Five non-player characters designed to reoccurring patrons, foils or even enemies for your games of Skyraiders.  Delivered as a pdf, separate to the zine. 

I'm aiming to get these stretch goals written up and delivered with the main zine in April. 

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