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Are the Veldang silver intoxicated Doraddi?


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2 hours ago, AndreJarosch said:

Silver intoxication causes blueish coloring of the skin. 

So does copper intoxication in the real world, and both have their use as antibiotics. Copper vitriol was a common treatment for syphilis to avoid the later stage dementia.


I am not quite certain whether such chemical reactions of real world metals are appropriate for the Gloranthan metals, which differ significantly in their physical properties from terrestrial ones. The names copper, tin, bronze, silver etc. are approximations.

Any terrestrial pigments derived on the terrestrial concept of ions of elements may be totally irrelevant to Gloranthan minerals. Rubies or blood don't contain Death Metal, but possibly Sea Metal or Lo-Metal (Brass). I don't think there is a Gloranthan equivalent of Chromium, Platinum or Sodium.

(The Mostali might be able to create and use Lithium, though - a light, possibly combustible metal extracted from rock - hence its name - reacting sharply with water which may be melted and used for conveying heat or magic in constructs where water would boil off.)

2 hours ago, AndreJarosch said:

Do we know if the slate coloured Veldang have any connection to silver?

Do you mean you want to raid ancient Artmali cementaries and process the bones for coinage? In western Pamaltela, the Vadeli may already have pursued this possible source of silver.

This only works for the earliest (still near demigod) generations, of course.

2 hours ago, AndreJarosch said:

They are associated with the Blue Moon, and Moon is associated with silver. 

The Blue Moon may have had its own metallic form of solidified moon glow. Silver is a common celestial metal, also shared by the Power deities of the Celestial Court and their mixed ancestry offspring (like Issaries or Chalana Arroy). "God of the Silver Feet" may be a direct reference to his bone structure.

2 hours ago, AndreJarosch said:

So maybe the Veldang are only silver intoxicated Doraddi?

The Zaranistangi of Melib don't come across as having a typically African physiognomy. But then, neither do the "Agimori" descendants of the people of Thinobutu (who, unlike the Agimori proper, never had potential immortals as ancestors).


We know two cultures of people of Veldang race:

The Artmali have an ancestral connection to sky, underworld, and sea.

The Zaranistangi ancestry is a little less well known, although underworld and sky are known, too, and in all likelihood Mobility. They may have myths about the planet Mastakos/Uleria in the Underworld.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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There are also several other blueskinned people of Genertela that muddy this a bit. Blue skin is often associated with Sea as well as Storm (I know some people will argue that tan/bronze/orange is the color associated with the latter, but at least in recent iconography, blue is generally the color of Storm gods, but mostly as a guideline and not an absolute, cf. black Humakt, brown Storm Bull and brown/tan Barntar. This is just iconography though, of course, not necessarily literal depictions). 

I do like the idea of early Artmali immortals having silver in their bones though, it's neat.

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