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The Solo GPC

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I've been reading through @sirlarkins wonderful Solo GPC on Obsidian Portal and fetched up against 545 AD with some surprise - Blind Man's Bluff, the adventure summary for that year, seems to be the last one posted. I realize I'm asking about a summary collection that's seven years old now, but I'm still dying to know what, if anything, happened next. I thought it might have moved to another of his blogs, like RPG corner, but that seems to have closed up so I'm left at loose ends.

If anyone knows if the blog moved, just never resumed updating, what have you - well, I'd appreciate knowing. Even more so if you can tell me how things turned out for Sir Graid!

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Alas, like many a medieval tale, the Solo GPC chronicles must remain forever unfinished. We did end up completing the run all the way to Camlann, but life got busy and I fell further and further behind. Now it's been too long and my notes are scattered to the winds...

I'll see what I can dredge up from memory and try to put together a little "continuation" to post here. 🙂

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