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Call of Cthulhu 40th Anniversary Edition


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10 minutes ago, klecser said:

Several of the later supplements were also written using 2nd Edition as well, I expect?

First and Second are practically indistinguishable?

Earlier today I happened to read this blog post on an old Games Workshop (they reprinted for the UK) version of Call of Cthulhu. That is where I was getting my information. Before I reread it to confirm I would of sworn the author mentioned the 3rd edition didn't change much and just split out the info but that isn't there on a second read through... 

I am sure someone will be along shortly to correct me on early Cthulhu editions, my knowledge is based on reading these forums and other places on the internet and not familiarity with the source material at the time.

By the way the Refereeing and Reflections blog is fantastic for RPG reviews of Chaosium and non Chaosium products and I highly recommend giving it a peruse.

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7 hours ago, NotRussellCrowe said:

Forgive my ignorance, but why re-release 2nd edition as opposed to 1st? What's the difference between the two editions?

The first edition had one supplement published for it. It was also considered a bit rough and in need of a bit of balancing and refining. Thus, errata came out very quickly, followed by the 2nd edition in about a year. We decided the 2nd edition is superior, and more playable. Any background or scenario related info that was cut from the 1st edition has been included as bonus material in this remastered 2nd edition. We did a comparison of the 1st and 2nd edition rulebooks and the leap was small enough, and clear enough that the 2nd edition was the way to go, plus it had more and better art than the first edition. In some ways, we did what we did with RuneQuest Classic. We mainly focused on the getting the 2nd edition available again, for much of the same reasons.

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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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Just want to point out the DNA of the first 3 editions because they are separated not just by time but by geography:

1st - I believe this version was not made in a UK version so any version would be the standard Chaosium version.

2nd - this exists in a US Chaosium version and a UK Games Workshop licensed version. The box for the UK version has "Games Workshop" on the spine and is deeper but smaller than the US Chaosium version. The contents are the same.

3rd - the US version is very different to the UK version. The US Chaosium version is still boxed and is basically a reformatted contents of the 2nd edition ( the rulebook is split into Keeper and Investigator rule pamphlets ). The UK Games Workshop version of 3rd edition is a single hardcover book and contains the full contents of the 2nd edition boxed set plus the contents of the first Cthulhu Companion supplement tacked on afterwards.

This website gives a good overview

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19 hours ago, Rick Meints said:

The first edition had one supplement published for it.

I had always thought that both Shadows of Yog-Sothoth and The Asylum and Other Tales were for the first edition, as evinced by their original product numbers being in the 20xx series to match the first-edition boxed set product number (2009). But I'll take your word for it, Rick.

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We also have a deluxe 40th anniversary leatherette limited edition of the 7th edition Keeper rulebook debuting this fall. It includes historic perspectives by a number of the original design team, plus a bonus scenario at the end of the book.


I don't like leatherettes 😞 Will this come with the new layout?

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