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Who is the artist of these drawings?

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I Came across this forum and thread while looking for something else on google. It makes me feel awesome. Convinced to join the forum now, seems to be lots of useful tools and information here.

Nobody else saw fit to mention the Zorak Zoran Moomintroll?

Been a while since the last one. I found the lack of imagery on Gagarth to be lacking. Maybe he has not got a lead breastplate and maybe his skull is an actual skull and not a helmet, but hey.

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On 6/26/2020 at 8:01 AM, Tobbe-A said:

A nice board over at Pinterest:


A coffee-stained sketchbook

Felix the coffeemancer
45 följare
Just me doodles and sketches and occasional proper piece. I am throwing basically everything I can find in here, even things that was never meant to be shared ever. As such, you may see things that are copied or downright traced, specially in relation to things I've made for RPGs. It is not particularly organized, specially in terms of date, so quality will vary wildly.


This is really fantastic stuff!

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Armakt spear-in-the-eye, orleving chief

(take a closer look at his right eye to see the spear)

The PC's might be going into Orleving lands soon. Reckone'd they needed a face to their great enemy

orleving chief.jpg

He carries the Eye-spear of Orlev one-eye and the Tin-copper snake baton, a piece of the clan regalia.

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On 12/28/2020 at 6:44 PM, coffeemancer said:

why I presume the bride worthy of 20 cows will have the land

Only 20 cows for a bride... Kalfrik might buy some cows then... he is never going to be a silver tongue devil particularly when his Beastspeech is better than his Heortling... and that's barely comprehensible..unless he decides that his life partner is Lulla? 

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20 hours ago, coffeemancer said:

Probably tired of her flirting.

I also find it more amusing to make Ernalda disguise herself as a boy

That won't stop sexual innuendo in her treatment of Orlanth.

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