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Who is the artist of these drawings?


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On 6/26/2020 at 8:01 AM, Tobbe-A said:

A nice board over at Pinterest:


A coffee-stained sketchbook

Felix the coffeemancer
45 följare
Just me doodles and sketches and occasional proper piece. I am throwing basically everything I can find in here, even things that was never meant to be shared ever. As such, you may see things that are copied or downright traced, specially in relation to things I've made for RPGs. It is not particularly organized, specially in terms of date, so quality will vary wildly.


This is really fantastic stuff!

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Armakt spear-in-the-eye, orleving chief

(take a closer look at his right eye to see the spear)

The PC's might be going into Orleving lands soon. Reckone'd they needed a face to their great enemy

orleving chief.jpg

He carries the Eye-spear of Orlev one-eye and the Tin-copper snake baton, a piece of the clan regalia.

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On 12/28/2020 at 6:44 PM, coffeemancer said:

why I presume the bride worthy of 20 cows will have the land

Only 20 cows for a bride... Kalfrik might buy some cows then... he is never going to be a silver tongue devil particularly when his Beastspeech is better than his Heortling... and that's barely comprehensible..unless he decides that his life partner is Lulla? 

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20 hours ago, coffeemancer said:

Probably tired of her flirting.

I also find it more amusing to make Ernalda disguise herself as a boy

That won't stop sexual innuendo in her treatment of Orlanth.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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Friends of old, friends of new and those of you I never knew.

My art is to carve simple wood into beautiful shapes, as for making simple words beautiful I shall make an attempt but know now that I shall be accurate and true above all else.

It was in the time when men were taming Dragon Pass, before the coming of Sartar first-king, that a clan had settled on the edge of the lands that now belong to the Balmyr tribe. I know not the name of this clan for they later split and merged in seperate ways, but that is not important now.

This clan had a peculiar tradition, set by their heroic founding ancestor, to adopt any lost child as their own and this is the reason why when they found a troll babe in a bush they had to make a difficult descicion.

There were many good reasons and arguments to not take the child in but ultimately the clan's Orlanth god-talker shamed the people into honouring their ancestral tradition. Thus the troll babe was taken in and raised in the Orlanthi way.

I know not what name they gave him, only his later name of fame, so I shall call him "Thundergut" now even though this name was made later and I shall tell you how in time.

As a child Thundergut did not have a good time and he was passed around various steads since nobody wanted him for long and tolerated him only out of duty. Other children did not like playing with him, he was ugly, awkward, large and did not know his own strenght. He played too rough, he ate too much and made odd whining noises on bright days.

He was even close to getting thrown out of the clan when a lamb in a flock he tended had disappeared. Not an uncommon event in such a wild land but due to his troll nature, well, I think you know what people thought had happened. Again it was the god-talker that saved him by insisting on a divination to detirmine his guilt. In this ritual they did not learn the truth for the ancestors that came to them only wailed that they were not honouring their traditions and they would be cursed if they threw out a child.

What a sad beeing the child Thundergut must have been. Desperate for any affection and attention at all he attached himself to the only person who did not wince at him to his face, the Orlanth god-talker.

Now, the old man certainly did not want to play, least at all with Thundergut and he certainly did not want to hear about how the child had dreamt that he set fire to the alynxes in the stead (I am told that this was actually said), so in a bid to make the sad little boy shut up and sit down the god-talker talked. And what should he talk about but what he knew? He talked of Orlanth.


To me it does not seem like much, but to Thundergut who was starved of affection it must have been an oasis in Prax for he drank deeply of this well of knowledge. In the stories he saw the recipie for love and adoration and he became obsessed.

By the time of his initiation his knowledge of the stories of Orlanth was greater than that of even several adults and he came out mightier than any of his initiation-brothers. I am also told that many had hoped he would turn into a human after the initiation but I do not know why anyone would think that. Anyways...

With the strenght of his race Thundergut was a great worker and when the many enemies of the clan came to raid and plunder no shieldwall could resist his ferocious charge and mighty thunderbolts. This was the rise of his star for his victories brought wealth and knowing what Orlanth would do with wealth he shared it. I will say that yes, there were those who were friends to him only while the gifts flowed and I have wondered if Thundergut truly was generous or if he was buying adoration. I have never wondered this of any other hero so why should I question the generosity of Thundergut? The drink has me getting sentimental. I shall go on, as usual.


Deeply immersed in the lore of Orlanth, emulating his god and mighty in victory. Thundergut built a stead upon a small hillock with wealth from raids and there he lived alone with only his herds for company. He did not attend feasts in those days, always finding some excuse to not partake. Thundergut could not escape his racial hunger and I have no doubt he was deeply embarassed by the way he ate, unable to keep from wolfing down food with accompanying sounds. Imagine.

This is the reason why the boar-eating competition is a thing down there. Some clever person came up with a way of making everyone eat like a troll and make a game out of it. Thundergut was the reigning champion his entire life.

Now I shall tell you of his name, which he got some time after becoming housecarl to the chief. The clan had many enemies and one of them sought to attack Thundergut where he was most weak, his pride. They composed a song mocking him viciously and naming him Thundergut.

When the clan lawspeaker, who was also a skald, heard the song he composed a countersong naming the heroic Thundergut with just a twang of friendly banter and he made sure Thundergut heard his version first. That is one story at least, there is another version where the mocking song was made after the heroic song and this was probably the most common story back then, but my instincts tell me it is wrong.

That is what I know, in detail. His heroic deeds are named, such as I recall: the three-horse-jump, the avenging of the widows, the holding of the bridge, the wildfire wrestling and the walktapus affair. Alas, I do not know these stories and I am sure there are more.

Aye, he was a great warrior. Wanted to be a wind-lord. He was devoted to the protection of Ernalda, her temple and priestesses like no one else. Never married. I think we all know why. Probably never could get himself to look at a human woman that way.

Anyway, I don't know how his story ends. I heard he died before he could become a windlord. Some say he died trying to wear iron armour, which as you know a windlord must possess and others say he died in the service of Ernalda, whatever that means.

He is supposedly buried somewhere in the Quivin mountains, under his hillock or in the hills south of Wilmskirk, near wasps nest. A warrior out of Whitewall who sought his magic sword (not that I think he'd be bale to lift it, mind you) claimed he heard Thundergut lies near Kero Fin. More recently a duck theorized to me he lies in the smoking ruins, dead in an attempt to heroquest to ressurect a cult to the darkness son of orlanth of whom he did not remember the name.

Ah, who knows. I'll say this: if anyone ever hears any more I would like to know how the story end.

Now what say you, shall we raise our horns for Thundergut?


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Showing off some more NPC's, A "woodcut" from my campaignm, a joke image and the Orleving clan ring.The first three NPC's have yet to show up.


Gerron is an alcoholic shaman from Balazar who helped cover up a kinslaying in the varmandi clan. After the PC's put that situation right they have used Gerron to help them out with spirit magic from time to time. he hangs out in apple lane a lot.



Erasdus is a grazelander trader who worships Argan Argar, making him somewhat Unwelcome at home. He helped the PC's during the liberation of Longhome and have set up a caravansei in Apple Lane (after the thane restored Gringle's old shop)bringing his Telmori bodyguard Seeker with him from the Lost valley.



Woodcut shows the party sorcerer Kalian, as wyter priest, initiating Danbar as the first chief of the newly formed Nilusa clan. (Nilusa can be seen hugging Kalian's leg.) in the background one can see the other clan ring members (survivors of the original council) and the other PC's Taran the elmali and Tamerlan the Eurmali.




Ah, The Orleving clan ring. I stole a bunch of names for the clan ring from someone elses writeup of their game, one day I hope they find this and find it amusing. The PC's infiltrated the Orlevings to learn what their plans were and had to interact with the ring. Entarios: saw her mostly from afar. Theona: got some info from her, got along good with Tamerlan. Maranwolf(yes I repurposed another piece of art I had): PC's learned that she really hates the varmandi chief for refusing to kill her in battle. One day she will FORCE that villain to kill her! Damn their evil chief with his roguish smile, sparkling green eyes and rippling muscles! Adinna: suspicious of the PC's she followed them to try and sus 'em out. She and her son ended up bound in a cellar. Darrolar: pc's did quite a bit of trading with him and got some useful info out of it. Faralor: aside from making them really sexually confused Faralor also "helped" the PC's by removing the spirit that was "haunting" them. This was a crow spirit they got Gerron to summon up for them to shield them from magical investigation.



mariya the dancer.jpg



Erasdus and Seeker.jpg

woodcut of the creation of clan Nilusa.jpg


orleving ring.jpg

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messed up some names
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1 hour ago, coffeemancer said:

Showing off some more NPC's, A "woodcut" from my campaignm, a joke image and the Orleving clan ring.The first three NPC's have yet to show up.

I love them.

By the way, I haven't forgotten your images for my supplement, that is on hold for a while until a finish off some more things.

Simon Phipp - Caldmore Chameleon - Wallowing in my elitism since 1982. Many Systems, One Family. Just a fanboy. 


Jonstown Compendium author. Find my contributions here

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Korol's song


Oh, I bid farewell to my tribe and my clan
and I wander away from brave Sartar's green lands
To search for the walls that I could not defend
to search for the place I hear all warriors end

As the souls of the dead fill the space of my mind
I'll search without sleeping 'til peace I can find
I fear not the weather, I fear not the beast
I remember the fallen, do they think of me?
When their bones by Kerofin forever will keep

Set my course to Whitewall, to a place I once knew
To a place where my hope died, along with my crew
So I swallow my grief and face life's final test
to find promise of peace and the solace of rest

As the souls of the dead fill the space of my ears
Their laughter like children, their beckoning cheers
My heart longs to join them, they're flying so free
I remember the fallen, do they think of me?
When their bones by Kerofin forever will keep

When at last before my ghostly warband I stand
I shed a small tear as I offer my hand
Though their eyes speak of deaths filled with horror and strife
their smiles, below, say I don't owe them my life

As the souls of the dead fill the space of my eyes
and the chaos-horde came bounding and darkened the skies
I have not a hope, nor have I got a plea
I remember the living, do they think of me?
When my bones by Kerofin forever will keep

Now that I'm staring up at the red glowing moon
I'm not sure what will come but I fear it is doom
As my comrades call to stand fast Orlanthson
I draw bronze and I fight til the dawning has come

As the souls of the dead live fore'er in my mind
as I live all the years that they left me behind
I'll defend all they love so they can be carefree
I remember the fallen and they think of me
for our bones by Kerofin forever will keep

I remember the fallen and they think of me
for our bones by Kerofin forever will keep

A song sung by the Varmandi chief at a feast in Apple lane.

Mel: Bones in the ocean

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