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Enter a podcast of wonder A grizzled old man with a poorly constructed box under his arm limps into the centre of the dusty square, coughs and wipes phlegm speckled lips, scratches his butt and s

Well, I'm just going off google on this, but I found a few things:  Here's a Spanish-language blog that seems to have delved into the topic before. It appears quite comprehensive, but I haven't t

Our intrepid explorers are moving stealthily through the hills. Well, as stealthy as you can move with two dozen lowing cattle taking exception to being led away from the rest of their herd, and a per

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Indeed, thank you to everybody who gave their support, small or big, to Wind Words. Especially those who contacted us since last October -- it was very much appreciated.

If you want to know what's next, there is something in the works. Stand by while we power up the crystals, suck magic points from the servants, and prepare the ritual ingredients. If you're still following/subscribed to Wind Words, you should be notified automatically when something comes out!

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