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Hit Point question

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I am in an ongoing struggle / unsatisfaction with HP (and elemental spell, but that's another topic, though related)
I am not GMing right now (taking turns) but for next campaign I plan 1. to go back to BRP, 2. To dicth location HP in favor of CoC like wound and general HP, 3. (optionally) use the optional rule of SIZ+CON for HP (instead of (SIZ+CON)/2) for Boss, elites and player characters (it will be a toughness stunt, so will cost 1 stunt slot)

Now I wonder.. Tough PC might have like 30 HP, quite a lot... having second thoughts...

Anyone experimented with this custom rule (general HP and CON+SIZ, i.e. not divided by 2), what did you think of it?

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I personally like Heroic HP for PC's and major NPC's. I also use Hit Locations, but rather than track the values for these areas, I use them as wound thresholds... a single blow that exceeds the value causes a Major Wound. It seems to give the best of both worlds; less fatality, but with the chance that the PCs will still be able to be taken out of the fight if they aren't on their toes!


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Well.. I was afraid it might be too much.. but the only feedback is positive so far! :)
Yea, was thinking to roll location in case of major wound.. and maybe luck roll to see whether the location is destroyed or not... Anyway my player are used to me changing rules... and I warn them in advance of experiment to soften the blow...

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