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Is BRP/d100 good system for scifi?


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Putting a limit of one modifier use per adjective per session might be good. So a Vulcan can call upon ‘disciplined’ once a session, for a stat (1/20th) or skill (1/5th) bonus, and likewise can use the other three adjectives just once in the same session.

Or alternatively 4 uses of any adjective per session; so a Klingon might use warlike 4 times in a session, rather than calling upon others. The situations would shape what might be needed. 

Edit: One might use other keywords or tags, too, to simulate abilities with the rating acting as a skill. For example, ‘Vulcan neck pinch’ and ‘Mind Meld’. They would not be adjectives but special racial abilities with the skill to use equaling the passion. (The GM would work out particulars of what the abilities can or can’t do with the player.)

So a Vulcan racial profile might then be: logical, strong, neck pinch, mind meld (implies limited telepathy). The latter two abilities would rely on the Way rating itself; the other two would add to either skills or characteristics as mentioned before. 

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